Eid Al Adha: King Mohammed VI Pardons 343 people

On the occasion of Eid Al Adha, King Mohammed VI granted his pardon to 343 people sentenced by the different Moroccan courts, said on Wednesday a statement by the Justice and Liberties ministry.

The detained beneficiaries of the royal pardon are 283 and are divided into:

– 281 prisoners who had their prison terms reduced.

– 2 inmates who had their prison sentences commuted from life imprisonment to fixed prison terms.

The free beneficiaries of the pardon are 60 and are divided into:

– 5 prisoners who benefited from pardon over their prison sentences or remaining prison terms.

– 1 inmate who benefited from pardon over his prison term and fine as well.

– 54 prisoners had their fines annulled.

Royal pardon is customary in the North African Kingdom to mark national and religious holidays.