Deyaar launches utilities management venture

Deyaar launches utilities management venture

Deyaar Development, a Dubai-based leading property developer, announced it has extended its business portfolio with the launch of Nationwide Management LLC.

The new company will work on supplying, managing, and retrofitting of utilities across a number of projects, according to a press release.
Nationwide currently serves 21 projects and delivers them premium solutions including chilled water submetering and billing services, and car park management, Deyaar said.

The new venture also offers customers the use of smart technology solutions that allow remote monitoring and trend analysis based on big data, as well as enable them to monitor each of the chilling unit utility (BTU) meters to identify, rectify, and bill in the event of failure of any of the meters.

Deyaar, listed on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM), highlighted that the timeline for such processes would be reduced to two to four hours, instead of two to four days.

Saeed Al Qatami, CEO of Deyaar, said: “The launch of Nationwide Management LLC is the result of recognizing the need for specialized technology solutions that deliver specifically to the requirements of building owners. This is an exciting new venture and we wish to embrace more of technology for product and service delivery to meet the ever-growing needs and wants of customers.”