Noozz is an independent emerging markets intelligence service focused on the countries of the Middle East and Africa.

Founded in London in 2003, Noozz employs analysts, economists and financial journalists throughout the Middle East and Africa regions. These are supported by business teams located in the USA, Europe, and the Far East.

The insight Noozz provides extends well beyond the ‘top line’. We provide granular intelligence on the economy of each country and its attendant risk profiles. We analyse the key industries in each country, looking at how they are structured and how they are performing. We analyse key barometers of success and failure, such as how small and medium sized enterprises are performing. We examine each country’s record in terms of foreign direct investment. Business-related news on each country is provided on a 24/7 basis. Put all of this together, Noozz provides professionals with the key information they need in order to improve their companies’ performance, keep track of important events affecting their business, stay ahead of the competition, identify new areas of opportunity, and control risks.

Set against the benefits, the cost of subscribing to Noozz is fractional for anyone with significant commercial interests in the Middle East and Africa regions – whether they are located in the region or far off in another part of the world. It is a core objective of Noozz always to keep this cost-benefit at the forefront of what it does.